The Clubhouse at Atlantic Beach Estate is place to enjoy with friend and family – eat, drink and be merry (or relax).

The Milkwood Deli

The Milkwood Deli offers light meals for breakfast and lunch as well as meal deliveries to residents. The menu changes regularly and the Milkwood Deli is hugely popular with residents and golfers. Freshly baked items, fresh produce, meat and poultry, eggs and dairy, homemade meals, deli items, juices and gifts are available.

The Sunbird Restaurant and Bar

The Sunbird Restaurant and Bar is open for stylish lunches and sumptuous dinners and drinks. It has arguably the best pizzas in the area. The tapas and deserts are firm favourites and ensure repeat visits. Sophisticated mains include seafoods, vegan delights and great meat dishes. A great kiddies menu and the excellent wine selection will keep all age groups satisfied.

The bar area is relaxed and friendly and a big step above the normal golf club bar. This is a meeting place weher new friendships are made and old friends are welcomed.